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Worship godIdol. The character of religious subjectsMinisters of the churchThe idol to the top of the rockA statue made of stone. Male
Statues of the gold-colored metalImages of the religious perception of the world on the roof of the buildingA man with a bright yellow umbrellaStatue of BuddhaThe Crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the wall among the statues of angels
Scenes from the history of the BibleStatue. The girl on a pedestalThe bell from a white material. Bronze bellsBell WhiteMonk with pupils
Statues of men, elephants on the stairsStained-glass windows on the walls of the templeA large stone statueRemains of the statue. The head and the figure for menTomb. Statue of metal head and body with a stone
The history of statues. The process of burialMosqueMulti-colored stained glass. Corner with the statuesImage of Virgin with Child and AngelsThe white marble statue in the square
StatueExhibits from the fabric and metalIn the walls of the destroyed Jewish templePipe organLast Supper Image
Tiger by the walls of the templeThe story of the BibleThe composition of the sculpture. At the time of prayerIn the tombPyramid
Elephant-a sacred animalThe temple with the statues on the walls depicting the religious viewsTemple. Drawn eyes and multicolored flagsMulti-colored piece of clothThe head man of a brilliant gold-colored metal
Buddha statue in the walls of the houseThe statue of a male warriorStone golden hue with a cupolaStatues of three women in the military armorStatue of women in the high-hat
The statue of a woman with four handsA man in a suit. CeremonyThe statue of the Virgin with the metal under the waterProminent figure on the wall. Girls with the bodies of fishStatues of women
Multi-colored towersThe image on the wall. BattleIdol. A man with tusksPavilion with the statue of a girlThe statue of the young men. Jesus Christ
OrganMulti-colored glasses. The statue of the MadonnaCrucifixion on the walls, and a bowl for the rite of baptismTemple. The stories from the Bible. Statues on religious themesCross with metal under the color of gold with red stones
Cross with images of animalsStatue. The man in the golden dressThe statue of a bishop. View from the backThe statue of a man with the material under the goldStatue of woman
Statue of women in the church wallThe subjects in the religiousMeeting the governor and the churchStatues on the facade of the houseThe statue of a man with mouth ajar
Wooden cross with the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ with a white materialPainting. Virgin and ChildPhoto. PopeThe statue on the roof of the church. Of the Blessed Virgin Mary with ChildStatue of religious subjects
Bowls of yellow metal stonesBowl with drawings on the walls inlaid with precious stonesDrawing on the glass. Resurrection of Jesus ChristChurch with a cup in the hands ofThe statue of Madonna. Candles
Statue of Jesus ChristOpen Bible on the table for prayerAngels. chariots, holyPreacherStatue. Monkey prickly fruit in their hands. Metal chain
Figures mythical godsStatue. A woman with a child in her armsStatue. Religious views of the Rising SunTower with colorful designsWomen\'s statue. Orange satin curtains
Statue of flowers, vases, fabricsProminent figure on the wall with a golden metalStatues of women on the wall of the templeTowering statue of the saint of the townThe body of Jesus after the Crucifixion
During the Sunday sermonCatholic priestThe statue of the priestImages in the crown of the Virgin and Child in her armsThe statue of a man

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Religion / Icons
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