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Tiara with small brown rocks and a large blackRing with a portrait of a girl in white on red backgroundBracelet with a transparent brown stone. Large and extensive links braceletRing with ruby. Two series of small and large stones in the centerPendant with yellow and purple stones
The ring with the ornament. Small yellow stonesPendant with stone brownPendant with a number of diamond and geometric figure in frontRing with diamond. Figure drawing with metalGold watches with colored stones
A set of pendants with white transparent stones and earringsBrooch with a gem in the form of drops. Three elephantsSeal with goldBrooch in the form of garland with sapphiresBracelet with four rows of precious stones
Tiara with drawings of branches and a portrait of a white material in the centerPendant with pearls and precious stones in the form of transparent maple leavesCatkin with the diamond in the setting material in blackBracelet with diamonds. The links in the form of branches with flowerA variety of bracelets with precious stones
Brooch in the form of frogs with gold legs and body in precious stonesGold ring with stones in the form of sheetsSuspension from crossing the front. The yellow tone stoneBrooch in the form of a pair of branches with white mother-of-pearl with stonesRing with a sapphire surrounded by small clear stones
Brooch with clear stonesBrooch with a semicircular stone with orange, red and black shadeBrooch in the form of diamond with transparent and black stonesPendant with emerald and metal flowers with a yellow heart with a stoneNecklaces with pearls
Necklaces with metal and pearls at the centerNecklaces, ring, brooch with pearlsBrooch with a white material in the form of heartBracelet with dark cherry stones and sapphiresBrooch with thin strips of gold and pearls
Opened in gold with black dialClasp for a shawl with a dark-colored metal in the form of a turtleComb hair in black, with diamondsBrooch with clear stonesBracelet with white material with images of birds
Ring with sapphire and diamondsEarrings and brooch with stones bright blueRing with figures from the brown metalBrooch with amberRing with a sapphire. Dark blue stone with two rows of diamonds. Ring in the form of a flower with six petals
Mirror on a long handle with a patterned roses on a white backgroundSquare shaped earrings with red stone with a light brown stripeRing with small rubyRing of yellow and redRing with small stones lilac and turquoise
Suspension of the links in the form of stone circles with greenish-blueHanging with the pendant in the form of bowls of scalesRing with ruby and sapphire squareSapphire ring with a large dark-blueRing with pink stone with lilac and green dots
The golden brooch in the form of an owl with eyes of pearlRing with braided in the form of spitBrooch in the form of diamond with the heart of dark crimson tonesRing with ruby stone on the pedestal with thePendant in the form of drops of brown stone borders with wavy shape
Cufflinks square with triangular white stone and dark blueBrooch with three stones. A pair of black stones in the form of droplets and round translucent stoneBracelet to an arch and a thin blue stone in the centerRing with three strips of metal and white stone ovalRing in gold with the waves and the dark-blue stone in the form of diamond
Ring with embossed surface, the stone a bright blue and green colorsRing around aRing stone with dark cherry tonesBrooch in the form of a circle square opalsDecoration round with a picture of leaves and flowers, dark-red stone in the center
The broad rings with stones of different shapes and colorsRings on stone traysPendant with delicate pendants in the form of droplets with a stone dark purple colorRing with a sapphire, and rubies in a flowerRing in the form of flower petals
Suspension of lilac-pink colorPendant with stones in the form of a flower with lilac and clear stonesSet. Pendant with two strips of stone, ring, brooch in the form of frogsRing with a large diamond in the center and a pair of small at the edgesSeal with a light metal, the material with golden letters in the middle
Women\'s watch with a wide strap with black dialRing with a sapphire and diamond two floorsExtensive small black stone ringRing of red and dark purpleRing with clear stone with a blue tint
Ring with opalsRing with opal rectangular shapeRing with diamonds smallEar-carnations with blue stonesPendant with ruby rectangular
Wedding ringRing with a stone in dark blueRing with diamonds near a dark-pink rosesA ring with three stonesRing with two stripes and a greenish-blue stone
Rings with diamonds of small sizeThe broad form of a ring with a small stone of a dark-greenThe broad ring with a sapphire in a diamondThe ring with the figure in the form of a wave with a large sapphireBrooch in the form of a stone circle with a triangular shape

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Miscellaneous / Jewelry
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