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   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Miscellaneous / Signs of British pubs

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Signboard dark green color with the image of a white horseMill. Silhouette against the background of the mill night skySignboard showing a knight in armor. THE PRINCA OF WALASSigns, the King and Queen pub with images of rulersFortress. Figure castle with the guards at the entrance
Signboard pub. Three crowns. Drawing upon a dark purple backgroundSignboard at the pub. Figure homes under a thatched roofSignboard showing the boards with pictures of flowersSignboard depicting men and horses against the backdrop of a fieldSigns with a picture carts in an area of later time. London pub
Royal entities. Coat of Arms with drawings of lions and HarpSignboard pub with a depiction of men under the walls of the buildingSignboard showing the drunk man. The last of the ...Signboard showing the island and shipThe plate with the image of a cart
Image depicting girls under the umbrella to wagonSignboard. Coat of arms of the figure, a sheep, a lion and the lilySignboard. Pub. Figure anchor and compass directionsVolunteer. Signboard showing the soldierSignboard showing the white swan, the emblem of an eagle drawings
Signboard showing the ship under white sailsSignboard showing the castle and the crownSignboard pub with a depiction of a gray rabbit on a green meadowSignboard in forged metal frame. House and boatSignboard on a stone wall. Picture an eagle and stars, figure in the golden tone
Signboard showing the lion and the horse. The statue of the elephant in the gold tone. Royal ArmyImages sailor on deck, the shipSignboard depicting deer in a light-brown toneSigns with the image of a cowCrossing keys. Signs with the figure, a pair of golden keys
Signs with a picture houses, bats and ballDrawings of a bull, horse and sheep at the pub signBeefeater. Figure at home with light-pink walls. Red roofThe Flying Dutchman. Signboard showing the ship. Dusk. The painting in blue toneFarmers. Signboard showing two farmers near the wooden gate
Evening sky colors. Gold beams in the water under the bridge. Signboard pubSailors in a cave with barrelsRoyal Castle. Signboard showing the castle and the crownThe ruins of the castle among the greenery of natureSigns with a picture of Roman soldier in uniform
Royal Hussar. Figure military in the formPortrait of man in a hat with a red pen and a knife in his handArms for pub signThe hotel and restaurant. Larger vehicles with white horsesHands of a carpenter. Man at work. Drawing on vyvestke pub
Fig. A man near the haystacksLarger trains and rails for pub signThe latter rose and crown. Signs with the image of a flower and a gold crownSign board with an image of lions on a red backgroundPicture of white deer and white-blue flag
The Red Lion. Signs with a picture of lion on a light backgroundFigure crowns and white feathersBull\'s Head Pub. Drawing on the background of the animal natureSigns with the figure, dog, and coats of arms. The figure of a deer on top of a signboardDrawing Rights, in a green dress with a mug of beer and pipes
Signboard pub. Sailor on the background of the sea and anchorPicture of white deer. Green King PubA red cross on a white flag and hands of manSigns with pictures of two hands with a circle of beerPub linden tree. Picture a tree in front of walls of buildings
White Horse Pub. Figure animal green foliage on a backgroundFigure families near the fireplace and the hunterMen in a mug of beer. Drawing on the pub signThe battlefield. A sword, bow, woundedRose and crown
Duke of York. The portrait on the banner pubElk, yellow-green branches and birdImages hound dog on the bannerThe knight on the horse and dragonSignboard maroon with a depiction of an anchor, and the royal crown
Coats of arms, knight\'s armor, branchesRobin Hood Pub. Drawing a character on the bannerPub. Fig. The knight kills the dragonSignboard showing a horse and a young man walking on the trailPicture a white unicorn on the pub sign
Countryside. Farm. The figure, a wild deer on the signboardThe painting on dark purple background. The white feathers and a golden crownRome warder\'sThe figure of a flying dragon on the pub signMill. Figure mills on the background of blue sky and clouds
Sign board with an image of food on the tableThe Lord in front of the pubSigns with a picture racecardPicture a man with a glass of alcohol at the pub signDruid. Pub. Figure monk in white with a sickle in his hand
Figure men\'s clothing in the animal with a spear and shieldFigure cows that drink beer mug with a manA man with a mug of beer at a railroadHorseman in armorLion-heart. The knight in armor with a cloak and shield red
Armor Knight. A helmet with white feathersKnight on horseback with a shield and sword in the hands ofPicture a convex figure with metal. The man in armorBrewer. Picture a man with a glass of beer against the backdrop of wooden barrelsVictoria Hall. Picture a girl on horseback in a green lawn. Signboard pub
The white bull in a light-brown spots and black and white dog. Drawing on the pub signSnooty foxes. The image of the fox hat with a walking stickSignboard at the pub with a depiction of a ship on the wavesA ship with red and white stripes on the sails. Signboard pubDragon at the feet of the rider. George and the Dragon

   WORLD PHOTOS / Art / Miscellaneous / Signs of British pubs
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